Get Movin' Monday!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Happy Monday ALL!!  It was gorgeous by us this weekend ... 70 degrees yesterday!! ... which got us even more motivated to be bikini ready for summer!  Only 132 more days, but who's counting?  ;)

We love to start the day with a super quick, 5 minute workout right when we get up.  It gets us totally energized & if you start the day making healthy, positive choices, you are much more likely to stick with it throughout the day.

So, who's with us?!  

This workout will take all of FIVE minutes, no excuses!  Comment 'Done!' when you've completed it.

And ... BONUS!!!!  If you're as addicted to The Bachelor as we are, check out the FAB Mary's Bachelor Workout while you're watching tonight :)

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  1. This looks fun, my niece and i sometimes do this in the afternoons!

  2. My father in law just talked me into running a 10k with him...NEXT MONTH so I'm gonna be so busy training for that...after training though, this looks like such a good idea to do right before a shower!


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