Greek Yogurt Parfait

Monday, May 20, 2013

From our skinny table to yours ...

Today we're starting the day with a beautiful breakfast parfait that is so deliciously decadent it could easily pass as dessert.  We can't stress how important it is to start the day with a healthy breakfast!  It sets the tone for healthy eating for the rest of the day, gets your metabolism fired up and gives you the energy you need to get & stay movin' throughout the day.

During the week we need quick, filling, easy breakfasts and this one comes together in under 5 minutes.  We layer in non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, vanilla & almond granola and fresh berries.  This was the perfect flavor combination but this one is truly about learning the method as this can be made with a variety of fruit & yogurt flavors. 

This parfait is so delicious it can easily pass for dessert to satisfy the late night sweet tooth and with less than 200 calories, no guilty felling here!  Hope you enjoy this delicious morning treat :)

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Serves 1
Calories 199
Fat 3.7 grams
Carbs 25.2 grams
Dietary Fiber 1.9 grams
Protein 15.6 grams

5 ounces of non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt
2 tbsp granola
1/4 cup mixed berries (we used strawberries and blueberries)

Let's Get Cooking!
1. In a glass dish layer in half your yogurt, granola & berries.  Top with a second layer of yogurt, granola & berries to finish.
2. Enjoy!

Makes 1 healthy portion :)

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  1. I was just talking to my in-laws about an hour ago about parfaits. LOL. They are a great breakfast, and I couldn't agree more that breakfast is very important. :)

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  2. Yum! I've been doing this for breakfast a lot lately. I usually dont eat breakfast but i'm trying to get better at it and anything bigger than this seems to make me sick.

  3. Thanks ladies! Hope you all enjoy! A good breakfast is so important to a healthy lifestyle :)


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