Fitness Challenges

Want more energy? Want more confidence? Want to get FIT and have the energy to keep up with your kids? You have to join our 21 Day Challenge! We host the challenge monthly and start on the 1st of every month.

Our last challenge winner lost 13.8 pounds in just 21 days ... can you imagine?!

You'll be using the same workouts and meal plans that we swear by. We are REAL moms! ... no quick fix skinny wrap, no secret skinny pill ... just 30 minutes of at-home exercise a day & complete meal plans including FULL shopping lists & ALL recipes.

We live & swear by the 21 Day Fix workouts but there are many program options so we will tailor the workouts to YOUR needs and fitness goals. For The 21 Day Challenge, you will receive:

✔ 3 seven day clean eating meal plans with full weekly shopping lists & all recipes
✔ A full nutrition guide to tailor the challenge to YOUR needs
✔ A 30 day supply of Shakeology (a nutrient dense, super food meal replacement shake that will ensure you get MAX results during the 21 days - abs are made in the kitchen so we want to ensure you fuel your body properly during the challenge!)
✔ 7 workouts (Plyo, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio & Hardcore) on DVD – all 30 minute workouts, one for each day of the week (or the best workouts for YOUR goals)
✔ 7 portion controlled containers to ensure correct portion sizes
✔ A private Facebook group to stay accountable, stay motivated and stay on track with one-on-one and 24/7 group support.

No worries! You will never be on your own. We hold monthly fitness challenges which begin on the first of EVERY month and once you make the commitment to join us we are with you for the long haul. All of our challengers are encouraged to continue on with us month after month because we want this to truly be a lifestyle change!

Due to high demand, we only accept challengers through application. To register for our next round, please complete the following application.

"From drinking soda every day... I haven't had any soda since starting the challenge! My "skinny clothes" are TOO BIG. I feel so much better when I look in the mirror! More energy to chase (who am I kidding, carry) my kiddos. I rolled my eyes at the "lifestyle change, not a diet" rhetoric when I first started talking about trying the challenge, but it's definitely true!! Yay! So glad I finally decided to try it! Two rounds down and many challenges to go!"
- Libby H.

"I love this program. I was stuck at a certain weight for a solid 3-4 months and could not break past it no matter how much I was working out. I was still eating horribly and drinking too much heavy beer all winter. I started the challenge and even with cheat days, I have lost 6.2 lbs in 4 weeks! It may not seem like much, but I passed one goal, I'm about a pound and a half away from my prepregnancy weight, and I have more muscle than I ever had before having kids. I only want to lose about 3-4 more pounds and then maintain. The great thing is, I can actually see myself eating like this for the long run! As long as I allow myself days to cheat, it's totally reasonable. So, thanks to everyone in here who has kept me accountable, having a group like this definitely helps!"
- Jacki T.

"Not to get too "emotional" but my kids have told me that my energy and mood have gotten a thousand times better since I started eating "clean" and for the first time in many years I feel really good about myself!! I cannot thank you enough for starting me on this "new way of life"!''
- Lisa B.

A lot of us out there are guilty of putting everyone first over ourselves - us included! The kids come first and always will. However, in order to be the BEST mother, wife, partner and friend you need to feel happy with yourself first. Which is why we take 30 minutes out of everyday to get in our workout!

So remember ladies YOU are worth it and take the time today and commit to do something for YOURSELF :)

Questions?! Email us! We are always happy to chat.

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