Monday, July 6, 2015

CIZE ... who's in for a dance party?!

Ok ladies, you all KNOW that we love to stay active ... especially when it doesn't feel like exercise!  So you can only imagine how stoked we were to hear about Shaun T's new 4 week dance workout coming out mid July!

If you like to dance, love Zumba or just want a break from the traditional workout (no lunges, squats or push ups here), you are going to absolutely LOVE this!  We got a sneak peak through BeachBody on demand and let us tell you, it is SO so much fun ... and absolutely perfect to get the kids involved!  Who doesn't love to dance?!

Don't just take it from us!  Here is an exclusive look into this awesome party ...

Get on the list to be the first to know when CIZE is available.

We will be hosting an exclusive challenge group starting August 1st where we will all dance our way to a bikini body along with complete meal plans from us!  Get on the list and we will send you the details of the group and CIZE as soon as it's released.

Are you as excited as we are?!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Balsamic Chicken with Red, White & Blue Salsa

From our skinny table to yours...

Planning a 4th of July BBQ this year?  Look no further for dinner ideas!  We came up with a super fun, super festive and super easy meal idea we KNOW you will LOVE!  Need we even say super healthy?  That's a given right ;)

Enter Red, White and Blue Salsa...

How fun is this?!  Our 5 minute salsa consists of fresh mozzarella (our fav), blueberries, grape tomatoes and sliced basil!  Yep, 4 ingredients :)
We served our festive salsa up over grilled balsamic chicken.  Simply whip up your quick salsa and then put those to men to work on the grill for your 4th of July BBQ!  ;)

We topped the whole dish with balsamic drizzle for a little extra flavor and beauty!  Talk about simple!
Hope you lovely ladies have a fabulous and safe 4th of July weekend!  Cheers XO
Nutrition facts per serving
Serves: 4
Calories: 358
Fat: 12.8 grams
Carbs: 13.5 grams
Dietary fiber: 1.8 grams
Protein: 45.0 grams
1 pound organic chicken breast
1 cup fresh mozzarella cheese
2 cups blueberries
2 cups grape tomatoes
1 handful fresh basil
1 tbsp. EVOO
2 tbsp. Balsamic vinegar
4 tbsp. Balsamic glaze
Let's get cooking!
1. To make salsa half the grape tomatoes and mozzarella cheese balls.  Chop fresh basil.  Add blueberries, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes & fresh basil to a bowl.  Chill in fridge until use.
2.  Add EVOO to saute pan over medium heat.  Grill chicken breast 2 minutes per side to brown.  Add balsamic vinegar and proceed to cook for an additional 3 minutes per side or until white throughout. 
3.  To serve slice grilled chicken and top with freshly chilled salsa.  Drizzle each plate with 1 tbsp. balsamic glaze.
ENJOY your festive dish :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mango Ginger Chicken Salad

From our skinny table to yours...

For us eating fresh, light and healthy foods go hand in hand with the oh-so lovely summer months!  Is there anything better than fresh mango in the summer?  We are obsessed and put together a super light and refreshing Thai (ish) dish we know you will LOVE :)

Not only is this super yummy, this is also super easy to toss together.  We began with organic ground chicken and seasoned it up on the stovetop with fresh lime juice, ginger, mint (summer obsession) and garlic in coconut oil.  Let us just say this was a DELISH combo of flavors!
We piled our Thai chicken over a bed of fresh mango, cucumber and yellow pepper.  We topped it all with our orange vinaigrette and sesame seeds and called it a day ;)

This one is quickly becoming a staple in our homes and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do :)
Nutrition facts per serving
Serves: 4
Calories: 443
Fat: 24.9 grams
Carbs: 35.4 grams
Dietary fiber: 5.1 grams
Protein: 26.7 grams
1 pound organic ground chicken
2 mangos
2 cucumbers
2 yellow peppers
1 lime (juice & zest)
2 garlic cloves minced
1 tbsp. fresh ginger minced
2 tbsp. fresh mint chopped
2 tbsp. sesame seeds
1 tbsp. coconut oil
Vinaigrette Ingredients
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup fresh orange juice (juice from 1 orange)
1 tsp. honey Dijon
1 tsp. chopped mint
1 tsp. chopped cilantro
1/4 tsp. of garlic and onion powder
Let's get cooking!
1.  To make vinaigrette whisk together above ingredients well and chill in fridge until use.
2.  Add coconut oil to saute pan over medium heat and add ground chicken.  Toss in ginger, garlic, mint leaves and the juice and zest from one lime.  Saute approx. 7-10 minutes or until fully cooked and flavors combine.
3.  Julienne (thinly slice) mangos, cucumbers and yellow peppers. 
4.  Pile ground chicken over sliced fruit and veggies and top with vinaigrette.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Calling all MOMS!!

Want more energy?  Want more confidence?  
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A baby is a reason why, NOT an excuse.