Our Stats (As of April 2015):

275,000+ page views last month (average 5,000+ per day)

All posts go out to all our social media sites (24,267+ followers):
16,330+ Pinterest
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1,497+ GFC/Bloglovin' followers


'Kristen & Jamie are such wonderful ladies to work with!  Not only did I receive a crazy high amount of traffic from their blog, but they were so sweet in helping me out and getting my name out there!  Kristen & Jamie have seriously helped my little blog grow so much in a short amount of time.' - Merrie at The Skinny Student

'Sponsoring I Don't Go to the Gym gave me the traffic boost my blog needed when I started out.  I definitely recommend sponsoring these awesome girls!!' - Louise at Fit Radiance

If you're interested in sponsoring I Don't Go to the Gym, please email us at with the subject ADVERTISE or sign up through Passionfruit ads below.  We look forward to working with you & helping you grow your business!

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