How to Eat Clean

Thursday, January 08, 2015

So you've heard the term 'eat clean' ... but what exactly does it mean?

Clean eating is eating food in it's raw or simplest form.  It is truly eating food the way it was meant to be enjoyed ... whole & unprocessed!  What we LOVE about eating clean is that it is not a diet, but a lifestyle.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for Eating Clean:

1.  Avoid processed food.   If you buy it in a box, can or bag, it is probably a no-go!

2.  Read the labels!  If you can't pronounce it, you probably don't want to eat it :)

3.  Cook your own meals.  Whenever you can make your own, DO IT!  Ditch the boxed mac & cheese, skip the takeout, just say no to prepacked frozen meals (just because it says lean or healthy in the name, doesn't mean you should eat it!) oh & if you need some new healthy recipes, we can probably help with that ;)

4.  Shop the outside of the grocery store.  If you just walk the outer aisles of the store, you'll hit the fresh produce, meat, seafood & dairy departments ... even better shop at a farmers market!

5.  Eat more fruits & veggies!  The main portion of your diet should consist of fresh, local, organic, raw fruits and vegetables.  This is truly what clean eating is all about.

6.  Drink more water!  If you haven't yet, please (we beg you) to stop ... drinking ... your ... calories. Start everyday with lemon water & drink a minimum of ten 8 oz glasses of water each day.  If you're bored with plain old ice water, check out some of our fruit infused water including our strawberry lemon water or our cucumber mint water.

7. Choose organic & ditch the GMOs.  While it's great if you are already consuming lots of fresh fruits & vegetables as part of your diet, if you're eating conventional you are also consuming an unhealthy does of pesticides and GMOs.  Sounds delicious, right?!

8.  Don't super size it!  One of the golden rules of clean eating is portion control.  We love to serve our dinner on a salad plate vs. a full sized dinner plate, no one needs that much food.

9.  Just say NO to added salt & sugar. The great thing about kicking the unneeded sweets out of your life is that the less you consume them, the less you will crave them! ... and DEFINITELY ditch the artificial sweeteners!

10.  Always choose whole grains.  Ditch the white bread, ditch the white rice, ditch the white flour, and swap them out for 100% whole grains, quinoa, farro or brown rice.

* There's still time to join our FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge, just request an add to our private Facebook group I Don't Go to the Gym's Free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge. *

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