Strawberry Lemon Water

Saturday, February 23, 2013

One of our favorite skinny substitutions is to swap out the soda, juice, lemonade, iced tea, etc. for flavored water! We are not talking about sugary, artificially flavored water but homemade fruit infused water.

Think about how many calories you could save in a day, a week or a year if you traded out the calorie packed sugary drinks for detoxing clean water. We agree plain bottled water can get a bit boring so a couple times a week we create a pitcher of homemade fruit water! Today's is strawberry lemon water. Just add fresh sliced strawberries and lemon slices to a pretty pitcher and pour in ice and water. It's delicious right away but after about an hour it turns a beautiful blush color.

So today we challenge you to stop drinking your calories and start drinking delicious fruit infused water! Feel free to get creative here too :) Cucumber & mint, peach & strawberry, orange & lemon, lime & mint ... the possibilities are endless. Hope you enjoy!

(and a special shout out to the hubs for the beautiful roses! XO)

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  1. sounds delicious, thanks! One tip I would suggest is to remove the rind from the lemon, as it can leave a bitter taste to the water the longer it sits.

  2. This sounds yummy! My favorite right now is lemon, lime and a cinnamon stick.


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