Fitness Christmas Gift Guide!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to share our top 25 favorite gifts for all the health & fitness loves in your life!  We LOVE the idea of turning the holiday season into an opportunity to jump start our 2014 New Years resolutions and this is the perfect gift guide to help you do so!

Cheers to a healthy & happy 2014!

1. North Face Oso Hoodie - We LOVE this hoodie because it is warm, so soft but not bulky so you can actually be comfortable going outside for a walk or run this winter.

2. - OK, we realize a wine of the month club may be a bit of a stretch as a 'health & fitness' gift but a glass of red wine a day does have some pretty impressive health benefits :)  Naked wines is a bit different because they fund independent winemakers to set up their own business which gets them preferential pricing in return ... essentially, they make expensive wines accessible to people like us!

3. Yes To - If you read our blog, you know by now we try our best to choose organic brands as much as possible so when Yes To came out with a line of all natural skin & hair care that is made of organic fruits & veggies, is affordable & actually works we knew we found an instant winner.

4. Cuisinart Immersion Blender - This is one of our go-to gadgets in the kitchen!  We use it ALL the time to puree up soups, chili, smoothies, sauces & so much more.  At only $34.95, this is one of the best healthy cooking investments you can make.

5. NatureBox - OK, we haven't actually tried this one yet but the idea of receiving 5 full-sized new & healthy snacks every month for just $19.95 sounds too good not to include in this list!

6. Tea forte - We are BIG tea drinkers ... especially in the winter!  There's not much better than curling up with a hot cup of organic tea - not to mention, it is so good for you!  Tea forte has a whole line of organic teas perfect for the tea lover in your life.  With flavors like Blueberry Merlot, Chamomile Citron & Chocolate Rose, what's not to love?

7. P90X3 - Our hubs actually first requested P90X for a Christmas gift a couple years back so we have been huge fans of these DVDs for years!  What do we love about P90X3?  It's ONLY 30 minutes a day - not 60-90 minutes like the original.  This was one of the best gifts we could have given because not only do we love watching our men workout (such a turn on!) but we joined in on the fun too! * P90X3 comes out December 8th - comment below with your email address & we will send you an email reminder as soon as it's released! *

8. Digital Cordless Jumping Rope - In our world, an at-home workout is ALWAYS better than going to the gym!  We love this cordless jumping rope because 1 - it's Pink!  2 - you get all the benefits of jumping rope without tripping over that annoying rope (is that just us?)  3 - it's so convenient to just start jumping while watching your favorite TV show and 4 - you can track your progress because it tells you calories burned to keep you motivated.

9. Eco Chic Organic Spa Basket - Taking time to relax & de-stress is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.  We LOVE Eco Chic because they focus on vegan. gluten-free, cruelty-free items that are all packaged in natural, recycled materials so you won't have to worry about any toxic ingredients while you are relaxing & beautifying :)

10. Banglez Wrist Weight - These adorable weights come as a set of two 1/2 pound weights.  We love them as an addition to any at-home workout or to wear when walking, shopping or cleaning for a bit of extra resistance while still looking cute!

11. Fruit of the Month Club - We love the idea of gift of the month clubs because they truly are the gift that keeps giving all year long!  Rather than send chocolates, beer or bacon ... check out Amazing Clubs fruit of the month club.  You'll be sending fresh, exotic, seasonal fruits like nectarines, apples, papayas, kiwis and more perfect for the fruit lover in your life.

12. Raw Energy Cookbook - Cookbooks are one of our favorite gifts - to give & to receive!  We are big believers in eating smaller, more frequent meals to keep your metabolism & energy up.  This book is packed with healthful, satisfying mini meals that are delicious, simple to prepare & bursting with natural energy boosters.

13. BKR Water Bottle - One of our favorite skinny rules - don't drink your calories!  We try to drink a minimum of eight 8 oz glass of water a day & this water bottle will definitely make you want to up your water intake :)  Besides the fact that it's adorable, it's BPA-free, phthalate free & 100% reusable and recyclable.

14. Breville Elite Juice Fountain - OK, this one is definitely the splurge of the list!  But it's so important to eat your fruits & veggies and this juicer is the cream of the crop.

15. Ultimate Reset - If you're looking to start the New Year with a fresh start cleanse, this is by far our favorite!  This is the best option we have found to remove harmful toxins, lose weight safely, increase energy, lower 'bad' cholesterol, boost mood & mental clarity, reduce inflammation and improve regularity.  This is the perfect gift to give yourself too if you're looking for a pick me up and major boost to jump start your 2014 fitness resolution.

16. The Olive Press - Extra Virgin Olive Oil is by far our favorite oil to use in the kitchen.  It is heart healthy and delicious.  The Olive Press offers both olive oil clubs allowing you access to their award-winning, limited edition oils or you can shop by the bottle.  Either way, these are sure to impress home-cooks & olive oil aficionados alike.

17. Aqua Zinger - We love water bottles so much that yes, there are two on this list!  We love this one because it allows you to instantly infuse water with fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables & herbs.  Simply place your ingredients (like watermelon & mint!) into the grinder cup & screw on to infuse.

18. Dressing Cruet Healthy Portion Serving - This is one of our new favorites!  Not only can you shake up your own homemade, healthy salad dressing but it portion controls the perfect 2 tbsp serving into the top serving chamber to keep you on track.

19. Glass Refrigerator Jug - Store bought beverages are LOADED with calories, artificial ingredients and 'natural flavors' that usually aren't so natural.  We always prefer to make our own fruit infused water and a batch of organic brewed iced tea to have on hand for the week.  These glass refrigerator jugs are perfect because you can see what's inside, they are dishwasher safe and have a convenient plastic lid that rotates for easy pouring.

20. Le Creuset Tea Kettle - If you can't tell yet from reading this list, we are big tea drinkers so this is a natural fit for the list.  Le Creuset always tops our list because their products are so high quality and come is an array of fun, bright colors sure to cheer up any kitchen!

21. Brazil Butt Lift - This is the perfect gift to give to the girlfriend (or sister!) in your life that you can always count on to hit the dance floor with you!  We LOVE Brazil Butt Lift because it tones the tush & gets you bikini ready while getting your groove on with fun, fresh Brazilian dance moves :)

22. Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment - This is one of our favorite beauty products!  There is nothing worse than chapped lips all winter long & Sugar Lip Treatment is the perfect way to indulge in soft, silky, kissable lips ;)

23. Cucina Dish Soap - While we love to cook, I think we can all agree there is NOTHING fun about doing dishes!  Luckily our new favorite Cucina Dish Soap makes tackling clean up duty a bit more enjoyable.  Just a few of the happy benefits ... it's chlorine & phosphate free, it's PH balanced and it's derived from natural cocunut oil & cornstarch which replaces all those toxic ingredients found in regular dish soap.

24. Keurig - We are suckers for our morning cup of coffee ... and if it gets us energized to eat & drink healthy and get movin' throughout the day, it is well worth the caloric investment in our book!  Now that Keurig offers a variety of organic coffees, we figured we would show them some love and include them in our list because honestly, they do make one good cup of coffee!

25. The Seed Guy - We truly saved the best for last here!  There is honestly NOTHING better than growing your own food ... it's as fresh as it can get & guaranteed to be pesticide free.  Unfortunately, many of the seeds you buy in conventional stores these days are genetically modified.  Don't worry, our newest obsession The Seed Guy has all heirloom seeds packages that are GMO free!  You'll find seeds for all your favorite fruits & veggies and the amount you'll save in buying produce this Spring & Summer, it is SO worth the investment :)


We would love to hear your top fitness Christmas gifts too so feel free to leave a comment with your fav gifts!  Happy & healthy shopping!

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  1. I love all of these! I am so excited about P90X3 and plan on starting it in the new year! I also love my Keurig and anything Yes to makes!

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