New Year, New You, New Opportunity!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What are YOUR 2016 New Year resolutions?
Welcome to where Heath, Fitness, Clean Eating, leadership & Business all come together ... it's a new year, a new YOU & a new opportunity!

For the 1st time ever (starting Jan 11th!), we are combining our talents and creating a VERY personalized accountability group for a handful of clients that are looking to get fit & healthy AND also learn how to turn their passion & results into a thriving home based health coaching business by helping others achieve what you WILL achieve yourself in 2016.
This will include:
Meal Planning
Personal Development
Social Media Training
Business Development
& access to our I Don't Go to the Gym community!
There is NEVER a better time to commit than a fresh, new year and this will include one-on-one support from us to personally mentor you to achieve your 2016 goals.

If you are ready for BIG changes in the new year, this is for YOU.

We WILL ask you to ...
Workout for 30 minutes most days
Eat Cleaner (we will provide shopping lists, meal plans, recipes!)
Read 10 minutes of personal development a day
Share inspiring posts & your journey here on Facebook

We have helped SO many women reach their goals and decided to make it our personal resolution to help a new team of clients reach BOTH their health & fitness goals AND their financial & business goals in the new year.
Imagine yourself 3, 6, 9 months from now ... where do you see yourself? ... we see ourselves right beside the healthiest, happiest version of YOU inspiring others to make significant positive changes in their lives as well ... because we want to make 2016 our best year yet!  
heart emotico
* WANT IN?!  Email us directly or comment below with your 
EMAIL ADDRESS & '2016 I'M IN!' to find out more! *

PS!  We have a TON of new recipes coming for you in the new year!  Stay tuned, XO!

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  2. '2016 I'M IN! :) ohh excited!! and can't wait for new recipes in 2016!! It is going to be a good year!!

    1. Awesome Kristyn!! We just emailed you! We are SO excited for this :D

  3. Replies
    1. So excited Sarah!! We just emailed you :)

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