21 Days EXTREME Challenge ... on PROMO!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

SO excited to share!!  I'm sure by now you all know just how obsessed we are with the The 21 Day Fix Extreme!  We just found out the program is on promo this month ... woo hoo :D

If you were hoping to join our 21 Days of Sweatin' for Summer challenge group, now is definitely the time to jump on board.  When you commit with the challenge pack, it's like getting the program for just $10!

& here's a little sneak peak into Kristen's results so far!  She started this program a week and a half ago and is already seeing changes for the better!!  

Send us over an email at idontgotothegym@gmail.com with the subject '21 Day Challenge' or comment 'I'm In!' with your email address and we will get you the details.

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