What is Health Coaching? Now Hiring!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

When we first started health coaching with BeachBody, we knew we wanted to better both of our lives financially & help the lives the others.  We are both & have always been OBSESSED with nutrition and staying fit & this seemed like the perfect fit as we had always dreamt of influencing others & helping them feel better about themselves.  We truly love what we do!
If you're interested in learning more about 'What a Health Coach' does and if it could possibly be a good fit for YOU too, please email us at idontgotothegym@gmail.com with the subject 'Coaching Opportunity' and share your WHY.  We are looking to add 5 new health coaches to our team this month that are passionate about health & fitness that would like to be personally mentored by us to give you every opportunity to succeed.  It is an incredible opportunity to launch your BeachBody business and start off successful right away.

When we started coaching, Jamie had 2 young baby girls and Kristen was trying for babies herself and we both wanted to be there for our families. Daycare was simply not for us!!  When we first jumped in and said 'yes' to coaching, Jamie was laid off from her job as a full-time regional sales manager and is now lucky enough to be in a position financially where she's able to stay home with her girls. Kristen was working full time as a nurse & will go back to work VERY part time (after her maternity leave)! This is the goal we had set for ourselves & we are so excited that we will have the opportunity to watch our kiddies grow up AND contribute financially to our families!  That's the best 'job' in the world grin emoticon

BeachBody is one of the BEST and most rewarding decisions we have ever made and we truly want to work with passionate, motivated women (or men!) that KNOW they were meant for something more and give them the same opportunity we have been given heart emoticon
If you're interested in potentially joining our team, please email us at idontgotothegym@gmail.com with the subject 'Health Coaching' and share your WHY and we will get you the details!

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