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Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi all!  We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!  We welcomed a new family member last week as Jamie had her second beautiful baby girl, sweet Emma! 

With the New Year coming up we are putting together a list of our resolutions!  This is what we came up with so far...

1.  To enjoy an organic & GMO free lifestyle (details here)
2.  To let the little things go
3.  To strengthen our cores
4.  To drink more water
5.  To cherish everyday
6.  To laugh at ourselves and let go of our stresses
7.  EXERCISE daily, even if just for 2 minutes!
8.  To continue on a healthy path and share our passion and love for all things HEALTHY

Here is a recent find we love on Health, Vitality and the Fountain of Youth that tied together all of our resolutions!  Enjoy :)


What are your resolutions??  Leave a comment below with your 2014 health and fitness resolutions to stay accountable!

We would love to help you succeed in your healthy resolutions this year.  Are there any not-so-healthy dishes you would love to put a healthy spin on?  Here's where we can help!  We will re-do any dish you would like!!  Post below and we'll get to work in the kitchen!

CHEERS to a happy and healthy New Year!

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  1. Let the little things go is a good one. I need to work on that too! I just posted my goals for the new year on my blog too!

  2. New follower. Great resolutions - can't wait to read through 2014 and get some tips. I love to eat healthy, but can't get to the gym as I have MS and am in a wheelchair. I'd love to read about some excercises and lifestyle tips for those with disabilities.
    Have a great 2014
    Love Vicky

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