Get Fresh Inspired with Farmers Markets

Friday, August 30, 2013

One of our favorite family activities is to spend the morning at the local farmers markets.  It's the perfect excuse to walk around & get outside while the weather is still beautiful and honestly, we just love being around all the fresh produce, herbs & flowers - talk about a perfect start to the weekend!

Not only do we love to support our local farmers, but the food is so much fresher which means more delicious & more nutritious!  And we are guaranteed to be buying in-season, locally grown food that is often organic & pesticide free.  Not to mention, you will find some unbelievable prices!  Have we convinced you yet?

We typically hit up the local markets looking to get fresh inspired!  No real menu planned but rather we buy what looks especially delicious that day.  We typically end up making a fruit salad & a vegetable salad but the ingredients change out from week to week which is perfect because we like to eat the rainbow ... a variety of fruits & vegetables in a wide array of colors, flavors & textures.

This week we picked up both red & yellow watermelon (yes, yellow watermelon!) and boy was it delicious :)  They actually had orange too ... there's always next week!  This was so perfect on its own we just made a simple watermelon salad with the two beauties and garnished it with fresh mint for color.

There were so many fresh vegetables we had a hard time choosing but ended up grabbing red & orange grape tomatoes, yellow & purple peppers, yellow squash that was so bright it almost glowed, red onion and fresh basil.  We paired this with a red wine vinaigrette for a simple, colorful salad that was just as delicious as it was beautiful!

With ingredients this fresh and flavorful, it's almost too easy to eat healthy.  If you're not sure where to start, here are a couple great sites that will show you the local markets in your area:

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