Your 2 Minute Shoulder Exercise of the Day!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Good morning & welcome to Get Movin' Mondays! Let's start the week off on a skinny note with today's 2 minute exercise of the day. This morning we are toning our shoulders to get tank top ready for summer!

Grab your hand weights (or soup cans - no excuses!) because the clock starts now ...

30 front lateral raises (keep your arms straight and raise them in front of you as pictured)
30 side lateral raises (arms straight & lift them to your sides)
30 shoulder presses (arms straight out with elbows bent upward then raise straight above head)
30 lateral rows (arms straight down in front of you then raise them up towards you while bending elbows in a rowing motion)

Done! Remember our two minute exercise of the day is an extra challenge to keep our muscles guessing and change up our routine but we incorporate exercise into our everyday routine all day long. Here's a reminder of what we typically do in a day ...

- 25 sit ups when we get out of bed in the morning
- 50 jumping jacks before hopping in the shower
- ALWAYS taking the stairs & sometimes making an extra trip up or down
- lunge as we walk down the hallway
- park a bit farther away to walk more
- go for a walk outside
- put music on and dance while cleaning/cooking or with the hubs or baby :)
- toe raises while doing the dishes

Do what works for you but just remember to get movin' & we will all feel skinnier tomorrow!

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  1. Stoppping by from the GFC Collective. Love your blog! Following on Bloglovin' now and just pinned that shamrock shake--tomorrow's breakfast for sure!
    Happy Monday,
    Lulu and Daisy

  2. Thanks so much Laurie! Hope you enjoy! Look forward to checking out your blog too :)


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