4 Weeks of Clean Eats!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We absolutely LOVE testimonials!  (Keep scrolling to read them!!)

If you LOVE our recipes and would like to invite us into your kitchen for the next four weeks, you'll receive 4 complete 7 day meal plans - shopping list, meal plans & all recipes for 28 full days along with an invitation to our private accountability group for added support & motivation and one-on-one access to us.  Welcome to ...

You'll receive all of the following  ...

Our '4 Weeks of Clean Eats' is still being offered at it's special introductory price of just $29.99 for ALL our lovely readers.

With everyone having such busy lives, we know how hard it is to stay on track with your diet.  It take a LOT of time out of your busy day to figure out a healthy meal plan.  The plans we have come up with are so easy and so US.  So if you enjoy our recipes, we know you will LOVE what we have provided for you!  We kept it simple & delicious!!

But don't just take it from us!  Here's what the gals are saying who have already joined ...

'The meal plans are awesome!! So helpful to have a grocery list already made and all of the recipes are super yummy, quick and easy to make and very healthy!! It makes life so much easier to have everything planned!! I have continued using the meal plans and feel great with lots of energy! Thank you so much ladies!!' - Gina W.
''The meal plans were amazing! I loved everything about them, especially knowing that by the end of the week 100% of my groceries would be consumed, nothing goes to waste! Having a grocery list made all the difference in the world (no impulse buys at the supermarket), and the recipes were restaurant quality good. Seriously, nothing beats eating healthy and homemade! And you never get bored because there are plenty of different dishes each week. I had a wonderful time, and lost weight in the process. Feel better than ever, Kristen and Jamie changed my eating habits for good!!' - Nati B.
'I am obsessed with this meal plan and have continued to use the recipes. My roommates have loved me cooking and have enjoyed the meals. I feel much better eating on the plan and can tell a difference even after eating one meal off the plan. It is extremely easy to use with the shopping list. Love it! Thank you!' - Erin. W
'The meal plans make my busy life so much easier. Take for instance yesterday. I left the house at 6:00 am and didn't get home until 9:00 (typical). All my meals and snacks were planned. With little effort I packed the items I needed to take with me and dinner is always ready in 30 minutes or less. I feel so much better and have more energy when eating clean. There is a variety of tasty meals and snack and shopping is a breeze.' - Eva M.

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    1. Awesome Leslie! Send us an email at idontgotothegym@gmail.com & we will get you in!


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