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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who's ready to ROCK this Challenge  & #lose8 ?!  
If you haven't yet heard.... For this challenge we are replacing one meal a day with a Shakeology Shake - we LOVE them for breakfast but know a lot of girls that use it as a quick, healthy on-the go lunch too.

Why do we LOVE Shakeo besides it tasting great?

Take a look at all these super foods you will get in only ONE serving!  Join us this challenge to gain energy and LOSE WEIGHT!  Check out the ingredient list for details!
Our 30 Day #ShakeItUp challenge starts this FRIDAY November 1st (so don't delay)!  This is a month long challenge and will give ALL our challengers a goal to #lose8 pounds over the course of the month ... who doesn't want to lose 8 pounds?!  
If you haven't yet ordered Shakeology do so NOW and commit to replacing one meal a day!  Once you order, we will also send you a complete FREE MEAL PLAN to follow along with weekly exercises, motivation & skinny tips to keep you on the track to getting healthy & fit for 2014!

We have 40+ challengers so far so DON'T MISS OUT on the fun!!  Here's to getting in the BEST SHAPE EVER in 2014!  XO 


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