Let's Get Moving!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let's Get Moving Challenge!

Happy Sunday IDontGototheGym girls!   This week's challenge is all about our ARMS!  How is it already Mid-October?  Our healthy eating habits are certainly going to be tested with Halloween right around the corner!  We will soon be surrounded by candy, candy and more candy.  There will be candy bowls at work (already have one - not happy) and candy galore for the kids soon for all you moms out there!  Commit right now and take a stand against the evil Halloween weight.  Better yet just stick with us this holiday season, we won't let you down!

The Challenge
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

A.M.  Begin every morning (while the coffee is brewing) with 25 Jumping Jacks/25 Push-ups
P.M.  Before you hit the pillow give us 30 Pushups

Feeling extra motivated?

Do this ultimate ARM workout 2x a day!

50 Jumping Jacks to increase heart rate
25 bicep curls
- 25 tricep extensions
15 push-ups (girlie ones are just fine!)
25 hammer curls (curl with thumb pointed up to the ceiling)
- 25 kick backs (lean forward with a straight back, bring arm to 90 degree angle, raise arm behind you with pinky towards the ceiling)
- 50 Jumping Jacks
- 15 push-ups
- 60 second plank hold

Yep, this is going to hurt!  No pain, no gain... right?? ;)

Remember to eat healthy this week as ABS are made 70% in the kitchen!  One of our favorite skinny tricks is to plan out our breakfast for the week and pre-make a weeks worth every Sunday!  Join us as we lunge our way into the kitchen and whip up some healthy pumpkin & oat muffins!
Let us know if you're in & be sure to keep us updated throughout the week! 

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  1. Oh I think abs are 90 % made in the kitchen! ha ah! ;) Oh wait, what's that sound? The oven time is done. My abs are ready! LMFAO!

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