Let's Get Moving!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Let's Get Moving Challenge!

This week our challenge is all about our arms!  Summer is quickly coming to a close but that doesn't mean it's time to forget about exercise! We are not girls who simply work out in the summer so stick with us and we will have you looking fab all year long :)

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

A.M.  Begin every morning with 25 push-ups! (girlie one's are just fine)

P.M.  Before you turn in for the night give us 25 more!

Can't do 25 push-ups?  Don't let that stop you!  Just do as many as you can and make sure you are increasing each day!

This is going to be fun, which is exactly what exercising should be!  And hey... think of all the extra calories we are going to burn!

Feeling extra motivated but short on time?

We LOVE Ten Minute Trainer! It is our ideal workout as all the videos are only TEN minutes long, who doesn't have time for that?  This program comes with a series of 10-minute total-body work meant get real results in just 60 days.  We love popping in a DVD whenever we have a couple minutes to spare :)

Don't forget to eat healthy this week.  One of our favorite skinny tricks is to not drink our calories!  So skip the teas, sodas, etc. and join us this week as we make fresh fruit infused water!  Here are some of our favs...
Let us know if you're in!!!  Keep us updated on how your week is going, if you're feeling more refreshed or even lose a little weight along the way! 

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  1. Stopping by from the Collective Blog Hop! New follower now, too!
    Such a beautiful blog you have, I love the layout and colors! Also love the idea! I choose healthy eating over going to the gym ANY DAY!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. I am definitely going to do this this week! How easy is that! Thanks ladies! :D

  3. I'm in! I had a huge weekend of celebration eating so I'm feeling pretty gross from it all.


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