Let's Get Moving!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let's Get Moving Challenge!

This week our challenge is all about cardio!!  Cardio is so important to your overall health and well being.  Join us this week as we keep our heart rate's up ;)

The Challenge

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

A.M.  Begin every morning (while the coffee is brewing) with 50 Jumping Jacks!

P.M.  Before you shut down for the night give us 50 more!

Bonus - take advantage of the beautiful weather this week and let's all attempt to get out there and go for a brisk walk or light jog :)

This is going to be fun, which is exactly what exercising should be!  And hey... think of all the extra calories we are going to burn!

Feeling extra motivated? 
We LOVE Turbo Fire!!  This crazy intense cardio conditioning program is designed to get you a leaner, sexier body in no time as it burns NINE TIMES more fat & calories than normal cardio!  Talk about results ;)  Not too mention this workout is super FUN with 20 hot music remixes & through all 12 sizzling workouts! 

So forget the excuses. Forget the gym. Now the hottest fitness classes come to you.

Don't forget to eat healthy this week.  One of our favorite skinny tricks is to plan out our meals for the week.  Planning out your weekly menu is key to sticking to a healthy diet.  If you physically take the time to plan you are more inclined to stay on track!   Take a run through our Get cookin' tab and grab a breakfast, lunch, and dinner from I Don't Go to the Gym.  Stick with us, we will get you back (or keep you) in your skinny jeans! 
Let us know if you're in!!!  Keep us updated on how your week is going, if your feeling more refreshed or even lose a little weight along the way! 

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  1. I've always wanted to try Turbo Fire. I've done P90X & P90X2, Beachbody workouts are the best. I've had my gym membership frozen for over a year!

    1. Yes, we loved P90X too but Turbo Fire is more our style these days :) we def recommend it ... and it's so much nicer to work out at home, isn't it?!

      If you try it, we would love to know what you think!!


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