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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stephanie is the ADORABLE blogger behind Never the Same Spice Twice!  Born & raised in New York, she's now living life in sunny Florida with her sweet husband Stephen.  Her blog Never The Same Spice Twice covers everything from meal planning, recipes & tips ... to her daily adventures awaiting the arrival of their new baby girl in September!  SO exciting!  Guidance counselor by day, blogger by night, you definitely want to check her out.  And be sure to follow her on Twitter , Pinterest and Facebook to stay in the know on all things Stephanie & to congratulate her on her soon-to-be bundle of joy :)

Kelsey, originally from Hawaii (jealous!), has been blogging since she was a teen about everything from poetry to her life, to fashion to wine!  Her blog Ladies in Navy chronicles her journey through life and style and often features her adorable cat and sweet boyfriend Ben.  Not only does her blog Ladies in Navy feature some adorable style, she always lists where you can purchase which we absolutely love!  Check her out (she also had some awesome giveaways coming up!) for your daily style fix and follow her on Twitter , Pinterest and Facebook!

Now as promised, this weekend only we are offering our Display AD as a FREE swap!  When we first starting out blogging, we sponsored some fabulous blogs which was such a big help and we would like to take this opportunity to help out other new bloggers :)  Visit our advertising page and enter the promo code BLOGSWAP to get our Display Ad free through Sunday.

Your Ad will run for 30 days and we just ask that you grab one of our buttons in return!  Happy weekend!

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