Your Two Minute Ab Exercise of the Day

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Believe it or not, Memorial Day weekend is just about ONE MONTH away!  That does not leave much time to perfect our bikini bodies!  Now is the time to follow along, there is no time to waste.  By following our healthy eating lifestyle and our daily workouts, there is no reason why you can't look and feel good flaunting your bikini this year.  Don't put it off another day :)

Join us today as we work our obliques!  This is the area of your stomach that will shrink your jean size.  This area can easily be forgotten, as the typical crunch will not work this sneaky area!  Now get down on the ground, get in position and get ready to do some work.

And the clock starts now...

1.  Lay flat on back, bend knees and twist legs over to one side (as in pic #1).  Crunch up, hold and squeeze abs tight.  Do 25 reps on each side.
2.  Hop up quickly and do 10 jumping jacks to get heart rate up
3.  Lay flat on back, knees slightly bent (as in pic # 2) Crunch up, twist abs and punch to opposite side.  Repeat this 15 times on each side
4.  10 Jumping Jacks
5.  40 Russian Twists (20 each side) - Sit on ground, legs slightly bent at knees.  Raise feet 2 inches off the ground.  Lean back slightly, keeping head and chest up with shoulders back.  Hands together and twist to each side.  Try and touch palms to the ground with each twist. 

That's it!  Abs can be a little challenging if you are just starting to work out!   The more you do, the easier they will become, so don't get discouraged :)


We challenge you to join us this week and work your abs everyday!

- 50 crunches as soon as you wake up
- 50 crunches before you go to sleep

You can do it :)  Now get moving and then get cooking your favorite I Don't Go to the Gym meal and we will all feel skinnier tomorrow!

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Love your blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Love these ab moves! I've been working hard for the past couple months, and I'm almost to my goal weight for the summer :) I'll definitely be using these! Bikini here I come!


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