Your 2 Minute Ab Exercise of the Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hot Valentine's day date tonight? :) Get your Valentine's day started right with our 2 minute ab exercise of the day to get looking & feeling great! We like to grab a 5 pound weight when doing sit ups for a bit of extra resistance, feel free to join us. And the clock starts now ...

30 in & out crunches (crunches while extending your legs in & out, as pictured!)
30 twist crunches (hold a crunch position and twist from side to side touching the ground with the opposite arm)
30 scissor kicks (alternate one leg straight & one leg extended out a couple inches off the ground)
60 second plank hold leg raises (hold a plank & alternate lifting one leg off the ground while holding a stable position)


Don't feel guilty about splurging a bit on a special dinner tonight. Everyone needs a cheat meal every once in a while! Just balance it out by having a lighter lunch (may we suggest an I Don't Go to the Gym salad?) and maybe even getting in an extra cardio workout tonight after dinner ;)

Happy Valentine's day!

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