Crab & Avocado Salad

Monday, February 18, 2013

From our skinny table to yours...

Fresh crab and avocados... two of our favorite things!  On that note we decided to make a fresh lunch out of our favorite fresh ingredients. We thought we would mix it up a bit and make it guacamole style!  This is a quick and easy, low carb, low calorie and DELICIOUS lunch! Does it get any better than that?

Fresh crab meat can be a little pricey so be sure to plan this healthy lunch out when crab meat is on sale.  What we like to do is buy a big container and plan to use it a couple times throughout the week.  We made our delicious crab cakes on valentine's day and had some meat left over so we turned it into this tasty lunch!

To make the salad simply mix together crab meat, cherry tomatoes, avocados, red pepper, jalapeno, garlic, fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice!  Simple, delicious and quite pretty if you ask us.

Just looking at that makes us want to dive in for seconds!  If you know us by now you won't be surprised when we tell you we wrapped this up in a fresh and crunchy lettuce leaf.  Lettuce wraps are definitely our go-to's!  We can't help ourselves, it just doesn't make any sense to us to use an actual wrap when they are filled with both calories and carbs, verses using a lettuce leaf and eliminating the two!  They are just as good too, in our opinion.  As we said if we are going to eat carbs for dinner we don't like to eat carbs for lunch.  We eat everything, but of course in moderation.  We find that is the key to staying fit and in turn staying happy :)

Hope you enjoy this one!  :)

Nutrition facts per serving
Serves 4
Serving size: 2 wraps
Calories: 211
Fat: 15.3 grams
Carbs: 12.1 grams
Dietary Fiber: 7.8 grams
9.6 grams

Crab & Avocado Salad
1 cup fresh crab meat
2 avocados
1 red pepper
1 jalapeno
1 garlic clove
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes
handful fresh cilantro
juice from one lime
Lettuce for wraps - we used boston lettuce

Let's get cooking!
1.  Quarter cherry tomatoes, chop red pepper and mince garlic and jalapeno.  Scoop out both avocados and cut into small chunks.  Chop up fresh cilantro and mix all chopped ingredients in bowl
2.  Stir in fresh crab meat and squeeze in the juice of one lime.  
3.  Wrap up in fresh lettuce leaf

Serves 4!  Enjoy :)

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  1. I'm a new follower so I thought I'd say hi. This salad looks amazing; definitely trying it! Thanks for sharing.

    xo Ami
    a champagne dream

  2. Thanks so much Ami! Glad you found us! Hope you enjoy this one :)

  3. Found you through the GCF hop! This looks fantastic! I will definitely be trying it!


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