Your 2 Minute Exercise of the Day!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Only 145 days until summer but who's counting? As far as we're concerned, it's never too early to be thinking about bikini season! Today we are getting a jump start on our bikini ready bodies and working our abs. And the clock starts now ...

30 sit ups
30 bicycle sit ups
30 V sit ups (keep your legs straight & your arms above your head)
30 scissor kicks (alternate one leg straight up & one leg extended out a couple inches off the ground)
60 second plank

DONE! Feel free to keep this quick & easy workout on hand too :) It's the perfect go-to AB workout to do before you sit down to relax at the end of the night. So let's get moving and we will all feel skinnier tomorrow!

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  1. The 2 minute exercise is simply and easy way for workout and thanks for sharing.

  2. In life we have to make some time for the fitness programs or workouts as how you have made it. Once we start the workouts we can come out of many depressions.


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