Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken

Thursday, January 17, 2013

From our skinny table to yours...

Who doesn't love stuffing food with food?  Tonight we're taking one of our favorite appetizers, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, and stuffing it inside lean chicken breast!  Of course the typical spinach and artichoke dip is loaded with fat and calories, restaurants love to add obscene amounts of butter and cheese to all dishes, so we are transforming this dip into a healthy and delicious stuffing! 

This dish is super simple as well!  To make the stuffing, we simply saute up fresh spinach, shallots and garlic in olive oil.  We then mix in artichoke hearts and just a meer tablespoon of freshly grated parmesan cheese!  Trust us that is just enough to make this dish creamy and satisfying, yet will not compromise our waistlines!  We slice the chicken lengthwise and stuff in our spinach and artichoke 'dip'.  We pan saute the stuffed chicken breast in olive oil until golden brown and then stuff ourselves with this tasty meal ;)

Don't worry you can feel good about stuffing yourself with our stuffed chicken!  It's packed with nutrition and super low in calories.  Pair this dish with a simple side salad or fresh veggies and you will have yourself a great low-carb meal as well!  Hope you enjoy!

Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken
Olive oil
4 garlic cloves
1 pound boneless chicken breast (4 medium sized breasts)
1 bag spinach (10 oz)
1 jar marinated artichokes - 6oz
1 small shallot
1 tbs freshly greated parmesan cheese
pepper to season

Let's get cooking!
1.  Mince up 3 cloves garlic and shallot and add to pan with one tbs olive oil.  Saute until golden brown, add bag spinach, and chopped artichokes and cook until spinach is wilted
2.  Mix in parm cheese and stir until cheese is melted.  Transfer mixture to bowl once fully cooked
3.  Trim all fat from chicken then slice chicken lenthwise.  Stuff each chicken breast with approx 3 tbs 'dip'.  Season the outside of chicken breast with freshly ground pepper
4.  Add one tbs olive oil and remaining garlic clove (minced) to pan.  Place stuffed chicken breast carefully in pan and saute on  medium heat for approx 6 minutes per side, or until chicken is white throughout 
5.  Slice up and serve

Serves 4!  Enjoy!

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