Your 2 Minute Exercise of the Day...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We don't go the gym and we still look good because we make exercise fun!  Today we are working our legs so grab your handweights (we use 5 lbs) or soup cans... no excuses!  Be sure to keep your abs tight and squeeze your butt the whole time!

And the clock starts now...
30 lunges on each leg
30 squats (pretend you are about to sit in a chair)
10 tuck jumps (jump straight up and bring your knees to your chest)
60 toe raises

And here is a reminder of some of the exercises we are incorporating into our daily routines!!  We can all do this :)
- 50 jumping jacking before you hop in the shower
- Exercise while in the shower... toe raises while shampooing, tricep and bicep curls with conditioner bottles... you get the message!
- 25 sit ups when you get out of bed in the morning or you can wait until you had your cup of coffee if you would like ;)
- ALWAYS take the stairs
-Lunges every time (OK that might be pushing it) but make an effort and try to be aware every time you walk down the hallway and try and work lunges in!  The more the better :)
- Put music on and dance while cooking!
- Be aware of your abs and butt and try and keep them tight as you go about your day!

See how easy this all is!  Now just make your favorite 'I don't go to the gym' meal and we'll all feel skinnier tomorrow :)

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