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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

So happy you found us! 

Our goal is to share our secrets to leading a healthy, happy, skinny life WITHOUT having to spend hours in the gym!  Do we go to the gym?  No ... but do we like looking like we do?  Absolutely!

Luckily, we know that a healthy, fit body is created 70% in the kitchen and only 30% through exercise.  So that's where we come in!

We believe that looking good starts right in your own kitchen with a few crunches and curls thrown in throughout the day.  We are committed to creating a healthy, happy, skinny lifestyle through cooking and everyday exercises you can easily fit into your normal routine.

Our recipes are not only healthy but delicious (ask our hubby's!) and easy enough to fit into your busy life!

Whatever your motivation ... preparing to walk down the aisle, upcoming reunion, losing the baby weight or just getting fit for yourself and your family (our favorite motivation!) ... we're SO glad you found us!  Please contact us to share your story and to give us feedback :)


Jamie & Kristen

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