Exercising in your everyday life!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Like we've said many times, we hate going to the gym!  We are firm believers that you can actually cook yourself skinny and simply add in easy (& FUN) everyday exercises thrown into your daily routine to stay fit and healthy! 

Let's think for a second... the gym isn't cheap, takes up hours of our time, and from our perspective is not fun.  If you join in with our daily exercises, we can promise you will get into shape and have fun doing it!  Our plan is to create a daily '2 minute exercise' that we can all do together, because as the experts say, mixing up your exercise routine is key.  Besides our daily '2 minute exercise' (we all have 2 minutes!!) we like to incorporate exercise into our normal routine throughout the day.  Here's what we typically do in a day! ... and it's so easy we hope you will too!

We can ALL do this ...
- 50 jumping jacks before you hop in the shower
- Exercise in the shower.... toe raises while shampooing, tricep & bicep curls with conditioner bottles, 25 squats while you let your conditioner soak in ... you get it!
- Tighten your abs and butt while your doing your hair and makeup in the morning
- For that matter, try and be aware of your abs & butt as much as possible throughout the day, keep tight as you walk around and hey, you'll look better while doing it!
- ALWAYS take the stairs
- Lunges every time (OK that might be pushing it) but make an effort and try to be aware every time you walk down the hallway and try and work lunges in!  The more the better :)
- Put music on & dance while cooking dinner!
- In the evening while watching TV, take 5-10 minutes before you sit down to stretch, do crunches, leg raises, curls, squats, etc. ... Your man will probably enjoy watching you do this and it might turn into another aerobic activity ;)

Pick what works for you!  Take your pup for a daily walk, make an extra trip when bringing laundry up and down the stairs, park a bit further away when at the grocery store (unless it's raining!), do 25 sit ups when you get out of bed in the morning (this will ONLY take about 30 seconds!), or toe raises while washing the dishes ... or better yet, toe raises while you watch hubby wash the dishes ... you cooked after all!

We promise once you start incorporating exercise throughout your everyday routine, it will become second nature and you'll look and feel better too!

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